Thursday, February 18, 2016


At The Idea Showcase I sold 4 paintings so I am up to 14 dollars! If I sell all my paintings I will have 36 dollars and if I sell all the the photos overall I will have 341 dollars! I am going to have a fundraiser with Scarlett we don't know what we are going to do yet but we are going to figure out I need money for my paint and other art supplies. I am going to donate the money i raise to some charities!!! I HOPE YOU LIKE MY ART AND BUY IT!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Right now for my project I am buying canvas's so I can paint on them and then sell them! I am also taking as many pictures as I can and I will get those printed out and on the poster board.  They will be ready to sell at the upcoming event for 20% Time! I will start selling there. I am also making my board for that it is taking a little longer than I thought but i will get it done! I will have the prices on my board for how much the photos and paintings are I will also have a sign up sheet so if you are interested you can help me with my idea you put your number/ email and your name then I will call or email you and we will talk why and how you would help me!

Friday, January 29, 2016

My inspiration for my project is my grandma and mom they both took art classes and my grandma is an artist and I love taking pictures and when they are good pictures I get this feeling inside it is all tingly. Then I thought what if I opened art and photography store where people come in and make art and take photos. So I started brainstorming and I keeping on coming up with i\new ideas for the store and where I wanna live when i'm older is a perfect place for that kind of store it is a little place by right by the beach I wanna live in Tybee Island, Georgia really close to where me and my siblings were born Atlanta, Georgia and Savannah, Georgia. I love Tybee we go there once a year because we own a beach house down the it is a very nice place.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Right now I am working on my poster and it is looking really good I will have art and photographs on the poster. It has all the information about my project on it. I took pictures out in the snow and it was really fun and I hope to get pictures on a sunny hot day maybe at my uncle's pool that would be so cool. I have me some pastel pictures and so cartoons. So I am so close to done with my poster!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

This project is based on what I wanna do when I am older. I want to open a store when I am older but not just any store. A store where you can come in and the workers will teach you and help you with either photography or art. There would be two levels the first level you can get your supplies and paint or draw then you can either take your art home sell and get half of the money. On the second level you get what you need and there is and then there is a space where model come in if you want to take pictures of them or there will be some workers that take you around the area to take pictures outside.or you can buy photos or art. That is what I wanna do but now I am taking photos, drawing, and painting and selling them to people then donating the money to charities.